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The rainforest’s ability to love is so potent that
I lost myself
into trees and rocks, and could no longer separate
myself from the life around me. I could be lost in such beauty
forever and never wish to be found.   ~ (Excerpt Naked in Eden)



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Christiane Northrup, M.D.: (Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.)

"Naked in Eden is a can't-put-it-down thrilling account of who we really are - and why our connection with the natural world is so healing and vital. This book is a page turner. I couldn't help but think, "I want to see the movie!"


Thomas Berry, Ph. D.: (Author of The Dream of the Earth , The Great Work: Our Way into the Future and, with Brian Swimme, The Universe Story. His latest collection of essays is Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community).

"Naked in Eden is an amazing presentation of life in the most rigorous conditions of nature, evoking that sense of wonder needed for maximal appreciation of the planet and the cosmos."


Larry Dossey, MD: (Author of the NY Times best-selling book Healing Words, also Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and others.)

"Robin Easton's is a heroine's journey that, like all such journeys, risks everything. The payoff is transformation and a discovery of her deep intimacy with the earth itself. At a time when nature as we know it is in peril - and we with it - we need Easton's message as never before."



Michael J Roads: (Author: Talking with Nature/Journey into Nature, 1999 U. S. award winning visionary novel - Getting There, The Magic Formula, More than Money: True Prosperity)

"Every now and then a book comes along that, by its very authenticity makes you sit up and take notice. Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest is just such a book. As the author shares her experience of being eyeball to eyeball with a deadly
snake, I felt an instant rapport. I, too, have been in this situation.

"This is a moment when not only the wrong move, but also the wrong thought can prove to be fatal. Thought sends messages to a snake faster and more subtly than the blink of an eyelid, with the snake’s reaction even faster.

"To read an account of a very courageous woman healing herself in Nature, learning - and sharing through her book - many of her profound insights, can not only heal, but can also affect the very reality of your life. We are conscious Beings, and Robin’s great lesson was to access this consciousness on an aware and elevated level, thus powerfully and positively affecting every cell of her body.

"We can communicate on a two way level with Nature, but we generally need to be jolted out of our complacent and apathetic relationship with life before this can happen. Robin’s illness and the harsh tropical rainforest combined to provide that necessary jolt.

"I enjoyed the authors writing. I enjoyed her exploratory ramblings both in the forest of Nature and the forest of her thoughts. This book is fresh, it moves, it is uplifting, and it contains a positive contribution toward the life of anyone who reads and digests it."

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Joseph Dispenza: (Author of The Way of the Traveler, Live Better Longer and God on Your Own: Finding a Spiritual Path Outside Religion.)

"This is a beautiful and brave book, a woman's true story of her remarkable transformation in one of the most exotic, most dazzling, and most dangerous places on earth, the Australian rainforest. As I read Robin Easton's account of her adventures -- tentative at first, then full-hearted -- I felt myself following in her footsteps along her path to self-discovery as if it were my own. There are meaningful lessons of the soul to be learned here in her courageous journeying forth. Her writing is vivid and intense, alive with the colors of the rainforest itself. Compelling reading, spiritually charged, unforgettable."


Lynn Andrews: (Author of the best-selling Medicine Woman series, Love and Power, Tree Dreams, Teaching Around the Sacred Wheel, The Mask of Power, Walk In Balance and more.)

"A wonderful read - that takes you into the wonder of unknown spiritual worlds."


Chellis Glenndinning, Ph.D.: (Author of My Name is Chellis and I'm in Recovery From Western Civilization, Off the Map)

"As crusty as an adventure novel, as labyrinthian as a spiritual memoir, Naked in Eden is an in-depth exploration of the central questions of our time: Who are we human beings, and what is our place in this wild world?"



Peter T. Furst, Ph.D.: (University of Pennsylvania - Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology. Author of Gold Before Columbus, Stranger in Our Midst: Guided Culture change in Highland Guatemala, The Condor and the Bull: Tradition and Change in Andean Culture, Flesh of the Gods, The Ninth Level: Funerary Art from Ancient Mexico, and more.)

"As a cultural anthropologist, all my field experience over nearly forty years has been with indigenous peoples rather than the natural world in which they make their lives and that, in turn, could not help but leave its economic, social, material and spiritual imprint on the culture as a whole and its individual members. There is virtually no spot left on earth that has not felt, or is feeling, the human touch, often with disastrous effects on the environment and its plant and animal life. Today it is perhaps only in Australia that one can still find a few places, including true, inviolate rain forest, where the ancient natural environment remains relatively pristine. It was one of those increasingly rare refuges and its plant and animal denizens -- the latter including some of the world's deadliest snakes -- that Robin Easton chose to confront and experience with all her physical and mental being -- not for a few days, or weeks, or even months, but years. I cannot recall another book that keeps the reader as involved and full of admiration for the sheer guts and endurance, as well as a mind and soul as open to the risks and perils as to unimaginable beauty and spirit power, it must have taken for a young woman used to the comforts of 'civilization' to face every day and night in an environment of nature truly 'in the raw,' of miles and days of slogging through dense forest and snake and crocodile-infested swamp just to chat with another human being as isolated as yourself and perhaps pick up a few necessary supplies. It makes most anthropological research -- at least my own -- look very tame indeed.

"With her story of one woman's spiritual and physical quest, Robin shares with us her truly exceptional gift of making these extraordinary physical and emotional encounters come alive for us, not excluding those that again and again confronted her not just with the great beauty the pristine forest has to offer, or even the ever-present discomfort, but sometimes with extreme mortal danger.

"Much has been written about the Aborigines, those First Australians whose oral poetry and origin traditions are some of the richest gifts from the indigenous world, and whose black skin belies their actual membership in the greater Caucasoid gene pool. There are no aborigines in Robin Easton's fabulous rain forest experience, and none of their ancient stories. But anthropologist or not, I didn't miss them for a minute."


Hugh Spencer, Ph.D.: (Co-founder of the Cape Tribulation Tropical Research Station, located in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest of Far North Queensland, Australia. Spencer was awarded "The 2002 Unsung Hero of Australian Science Award" from the Australian Science Communicators.)

"Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest is un-put-downable. The opportunity Robin had to enter a timeless state, and then write about it, is given to very few. She didn’t waste the opportunity. This is the book to galvanize people to protect and save the Daintree Rainforest."


Greg LaChapelle: (Author of Collective Willeto: The Visionary Carvings of a Navajo Artist. Greg LaChapelle is a writer and award-winning designer and builder of large-scale water gardens, including projects for Anheuser Busch Gardens in Los Angles, Disney World in Orlando, Disney World in Los Angles, and more. He has been awarded The Rockefeller Award for his work.)

"Robin Easton was never weaned from the crocodile that lives in 'Australia’s Walden Pond.' She has shared in and enjoyed the intimate motherhood of the rainforest, lethal and benign, large and small. I am honored to praise her life and story."


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We need wilderness because we are wild animals
Every man needs a place where he can go crazy in peace.    ~ Edward Abbey  (Also every woman, Ed.)


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