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Hola! from New Mexico

Robin loving nature on a breezy spring day.




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Dear Friends,

Technology, machinery, media and commercialism have rapidly overpowered and in many cases severed our connection to the natural world around us. Most of us spend our days indoors, in schools, offices, homes and cars, and many of us sit in front of computers several hours a day. Sadly for many of our children TV has become their source of education, their babysitter and parent. In light of that I wanted to design a simple web site that might remind us of a larger world than our own, the wilderness and all of its creatures, plants, rocks, air and water, that which we cannot live without.

I hope this site will spark a protective kinship for our fellow beings and a hunger to be a caring and integral part of their world. Please take time to show your children what they are connected to and part of, where they come from, where we all come from, Mother Nature.

I hope you will join me in our adventures. You can get involved by sharing your thoughts and insights at my Naked in Eden Blog - Robin Easton  It's a great group of people who are compassionate, adventurous, and open hearted. You can use the form to the right to sign up for the Naked in Eden Newsletter. In it I will mainly share my blogs posts, but also notices of book signings, talks, conferences, interviews (radio and TV) as well as other exciting news happening in "Eden".

Since many of us are inundated with information every single day, I do not send an excess of mailings to my reader-friends. Once a week, sometimes less, is all I usually do. I think it's important that we give our overworked, information-laden brains a rest, and more importantly, that we allow our hearts, intuition and senses to guide us as much as possible.

With Compassion,



Dear Friends,

I am currently in the process of chaning subscriber services, so please bear with me until I can get a new subscriber for in place.

In the meantime, if you wish to subscribe to my Naked in Eden Newsletter send an email to me at robin@nakedineden.com and type the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject area of your email.

I will be honored to add you to my blog subscriber list.

Thank you for your patience.






Naked in Eden


"Freedom is to allow ourselves a forever
    changing perception in an infinite world"(RE)


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