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What Does Naked in Eden Mean?

1. Living Naked in Eden is about being open to new experiences and change. Moreover, it means actively inviting change and new experiences into our lives to enrich our Life experience.

2. It means being willing to take risks, to trust our intuition and think with our hearts, even when we're frightened or alone.

3. It's about exploring our fear and coming to understand it.

4. It can mean “speaking up” even if we speak opposite the majority, the “norm”, or sometimes our family and friends, even if we end up standing alone. We may feel very naked and exposed, but we are living our unique truth.

5. Being Naked in Eden is a willingness to explore all emotions without judging them as good or bad.

6. It's the ability to allow ourselves to “be with” uncomfortable emotions so we can better understand them and ourselves.

7. It's a willingness to be without knowing, a place where we don't have all the answers, or maybe any answers.

8. It's about questioning our social conditioning and letting go that which does not serve, even if it means recreating ourselves anew from scratch, possibly recreating ourselves from a place absent of knowing, but filled with trial and error and firsthand life-experience.

9. It's embracing a life filled with experiential trial and error, one where we lovingly embrace our mistakes and come to understand them as necessary gifts of learning. 

10. Naked in Eden means to embrace all life experiences as learning experiences.

11. Living Naked in Eden is to know the freedom of conscious choice, as well as the responsibility of all our actions.

12. Standing Naked in Eden is to trust that Life will teach us, and is teaching us that which we need to become fully human and fully alive.

13. Being Naked in Eden is to trust that Love works, Love heals, Love creates miracles, and that Love is who we ARE.

14. It is to recognize that we are worthy of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion no matter what mistakes we've made. So are all others.

15.Being Naked in Eden is living spontaneously, giving expression to our child-like nature, something we are all born with and have the ability to bring to life at any moment.

16. It's allowing ourselves to embrace people, birds, trees, rainy days, laughter, tears and Love with open joyous hearts.

17. It's to allow ourselves to laugh over jokes that make no sense, and be goofy for no reason.

18. It is to marvel and wonder over the simplicity of a flower, rock or tree, and to see all life as our equal, something we are part of and connected to.

19. It is to believe in miracles, and to create them for ourselves and others.

20. It is to embrace the seemingly impossible, and to create it. After all, we are surrounded by the seemingly impossible every day.

21. Living Naked in Eden is to become ‘part of' Nature, Humanity and all Beings rather than to exist ‘apart from'.

22. If we listen to Nature she will guide us back to our interconnected relationship with all Life. She will teach us how to be more fully human. Humane.

23. Naked in Eden is to develop a relationship "with" Nature. It is to turn off the TV and spend time with our children outdoors so they fall in love with Nature and develop a life long enduring respect and love of the wild.

24. Living respectfully with Nature means doing what we can in our daily lives to live in harmony with Nature, even when it feels inconvenient.

25. Being Naked in Eden is to realize that we ARE Nature, and when we harm Nature we harm ourselves. When we love Nature we love ourselves.




Nature Heals



I never know what Nature will reveal to me. Just when I think I understand her, she presents me with something so wonderfully odd and spectacular, something so seemingly impossible and far beyond my imagination that she shatters every perception I have of her. Mother Nature is beautiful and wondrous in her infinite array of possibilities.  ~ Robin Easton



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