A Return to Eden

Posted by Robin Easton

My dear friend Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings has a deep love of Nature, which you can see in her photography here and on her site Evolving Scenes. Over the last couple of years I’ve taken great joy in getting to know Evita. She is compassionate, wise and extremely passionate about everything she does. Whenever she shares with me, I always feel like mountain air has just whooshed in and filled my heart with fresh innocence. Today she talks about a beautiful dream that she’s now turning into reality; she is returning to Eden. Her dream is one that I too have lived, much of my life. And like Evita, I will again return to Eden because Eden is who I am.

One Woman's Return to Eden

© Photos: EvolvingScenes.com by Evita


A Return to Eden

My name is Evita. Throughout my life, I have also gone by Eva and Eve, which are all variations of the same name, depending on different times in my life. Bottom line, the name on my birth certificate translates to the name “Eve”, as in the Biblical character who so called  “messed things up” in Eden.

Personally I don’t think the Bible story went quite like the way so many of us were taught at one time or another in our lives, but I won’t get into a religious debate here (or anywhere else for that matter). That is not what this article or I am all about.

What I want to share with you, and specifically here – on my beloved friend Robin’s site and perfectly so named “Naked in Eden” – is a piece of a very special journey I am taking. I am going back to Eden.

Where is Eden?

To me “Eden” is anywhere where the natural and spiritual world merge to uncover our highest potential. It is a place that is not governed by physical obsessions or material possessions. It is a heavenly place, a blissful place – a place where we can actually feel our soul and hear our heart.

Each one of us has our own “Eden” – and just as each and every garden grows, matures, changes and evolves – our “Eden” can change throughout our existence as well.

My Journey to Eden

A few months ago, I started to entertain the idea of selling off most of our stuff and leaving the quaint and comfortable life of the suburbs for a more natural lifestyle. I was getting a call from Mother Nature, and I couldn’t refuse her call.

As time progressed, that call got stronger and stronger. This is not to say that I did not throughout this time entertain my share of doubts and questions. The “Ego” after all is not a fan of radical change, especially change that will alter, completely at times, what it knows about itself.

When I surrendered my heart and soul, and kept the noisy world and all of its fears and doubts out, I was sure of what I needed and wanted to do.

In a span of not even one month, my husband and I have sold our house, one of our two cars, most of our furniture and some of our clothes. We were minimalists to begin with, so this sort of purging felt almost eerie, and yet so deliciously good and freeing.

I have embarked on a journey that has already begun to completely change me and my life and will only continue to do so even more.

My Eden

So where is “my Eden”? I have to tell you, I am completely humbled and inspired by Robin for her life in the Rainforests and have seriously considered such an experience myself. My “Eden” currently however, will be in a semi-remote place in a beautiful forest, off of a lake in Ontario.

There is something within my inner being that is calling me to experience the stillness, beauty and awe of life in nature. For the past few years, my utmost love for nature, our environment and this Earth has been growing, and today I am reaping those changes in a profound way. And don’t get me wrong, I will still have a house, but it will be a very different house, in a very different place. I will still visit cities, but this is where my roots will be – at least for now.

I want to drink fresh, mountain spring water and grow my own vegetables. I want to wake up to the birds and nothing but the birds each morning. I want to melt with the water, and dance under the open sky. I want to talk to the trees and play with the chipmunks. I want to experience walking barefoot, if only on the grassy part around my home, to feel Gaia’s touch beneath me. I want to be mesmerized by the night sky, full of more stars than perhaps grains of sand in this world. I want to feel the elements of air, fire, water and Earth on a regular basis.

This is my Eden, and it feels good to be back.

I am so grateful to Robin for being such a tremendous inspiration in my life up to this point, and for this chance to share a bit of my journey here in her space.

How about you: Where is your “Eden”? What life altering changes have you perhaps considered or made, and who or what inspired you to do so?

About the author: Evita Ochel, B.Sc., B.Ed., CHN – is the main author of Evolving Beings where she writes about spiritual and personal evolution, and Evolving Wellness where she writes about optimal nutrition and holistic health. She inspires people to live consciously in every area of their lives and awaken to their highest potential, for best health and happiness. She is also the photographer and author of Evolving Scenes – a site dedicated to capturing the natural beauty of our planet.


This Site: © Robin Easton

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Tammy Says:

26 April 2010 at 6:46 am.

What a wonderful place to be, emotionally and physically. So many of us are wrapped up into things, and simplicity is forgotten.

One day I hope to go back to roots…and be out there totally barefoot.

Wishing you the best on a dream, that is your reality!

(nice to meet you!)

xxx to you Robin…


Evita Reply:

Hi Tammy

Thank you so much for your supportive words and wonderful to meet you too!
May your dreams lead you as well to a place that is your personal “Eden”.


David Says:

26 April 2010 at 7:52 am.

Hi Evita. This sounds like a most wonderful adventure and I hope you will write about it and take photos too. I am especially happy to see you embracing change in a way that includes the people you love and most especially your husband. I doubt you will get lost in your new surroundings because you have a most amazing internal compass. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Best of luck.


Evita Reply:

Hello David

It is such a gift to have you share your sentiments and support with me, and have you along for this wonderful journey in my life!

Thank you for all that you have said, it means so much to me, and yes I will definitely be taking LOTS of photos :)


Jenny Mannion Says:

26 April 2010 at 8:27 am.

Hi Robin and Evita,

Lovely to see you too together! Two of my most inspiring friends! Thanks Evita for sharing here -I always love reading your words. Every time we communicate I am taken by both of your authenticity and beauty in words. Thanks for this – a wonderful way to begin the week.

Love, Jenny


Evita Reply:

Hi Jenny

And what a wonderful treat to see you here and have you share in this journey with me. I appreciate your friendship so much Jenny and always value the wisdom and care that you share with me and all others wherever you go!


uberVU - social comments Says:

26 April 2010 at 8:42 am.

Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by EvitaOchel: I am a guest author today on Robin’s site @RobinEaston where I share with you my new journey – A Return to Eden: http://bit.ly/8ZectP

Earth Mother – In The Raw Says:

26 April 2010 at 8:45 am.

I’ve taken the same journey you’re on – several times in fact! :D

Today, my little slice of Eden is a 500 square foot cottage, bordering a sacred pine grove with two lakes across the street. I have my modest 10×10 garden to grocery shop in my own backyard. Daily visitors include hawk, raven, deer, duck, rabbit.

Wonder-full! I am so very happy for you, Evita. Bless you for listening to and answering the call!



Evita Reply:

Hello EarthMother

Oh your “Eden” indeed sounds like a piece of paradise! That is so similar if not exact to how I envision my new life. Simple and natural being the two key words!

Thank you for sharing in my story and happiness :)


Julie Says:

26 April 2010 at 9:20 am.

Hi, Evita! You’re doing amazing things and will learn so much. You’re embarking on a wondrous adventure! What a delightful time you’re about to have, and I hope you aren’t in too much of a hurry to share with us. Just immerse yourself in it and allow all to flow through… My gosh, what an inspiration you are! Thank you so much for sharing with us your search for deeper connections, deeper meaning. Your purity of purpose, quest for simplicity just shine… I’m thrilled for you! Much love, Julie


Evita Reply:

Hi Julie

You have been such a shining beacon in my life since I met you now, so all your words always mean so much to me. It is because of people like you and Robin, living more closer to nature that I have been so inspired. Today, it just feels so right for me to make this transition.

Thank you for adding in your thoughts and support – it means the world :)


Lisa (mommymystic) Says:

26 April 2010 at 10:38 am.

Evita – how wonderful! I wish you all the best in your ‘return to Eden.’ You are an inspiration to us all, and I hope you will share your journey in your writings. I am sure we will feel an even stronger link to Gaia there, and that is so important for us all right now. As for your question, nature is huge for me too. I consider my ‘heart home’ to be the canyon countries of southwest Utah. For now anyway, that is not our full-time residence, but perhaps someday it will be. It nourishes and replenishes my soul – and that of my whole family – every time we are there, and I am eternally grateful for that.

And thanks Robin, for hosting. Namaste-


Evita Reply:

Hi Lisa

The canyon countries sound incredible! I have never been, but I have seen photos and there is just such a strong surge of energy there it seems. I have no doubt that your heart is called there for a reason and that you will be there exactly when the time is right for you and your family.

Thank you for your beautiful and humbling words to me too – much love to you always!


Robin Easton Says:

26 April 2010 at 11:49 am.

Dear Evita, I am SO excited for you. Just looking at your photos I could smell the pine, water and earth. I think this is and will continue to be one the most exciting journeys of your life. Close to Nature is SO healing and soothing, and we learn so much.

It is a great honor to have you share this powerful life change here on my blog. It’s a sacred thing and one I treasure. I look forward to photos and updates whenever the spirit moves you. And in the meantime I will just know you are truly living your dream. I think a choice like this changes our whole life, our perspective, our priorities and even our awareness. I wish you the most astounding experience, and I am with you. Hugs, Robin


Evita Reply:

Hi Robin

Your kindness continues to fill me and your presence to inspire me with every energy exchange from you.

And yes, I do feel that healing and stillness of life when I am up there. In fact, the best expression that comes to mind, is that time literally stands still in this new life. Days, hours and minutes melt together, and the only focus is always the now. Everything moves slower and another way I sometimes feel it, is as if time also stretched up there. It is all really amazing!

I have no doubt that this experience will continue to transform me, and expand my awareness on all matters. Thank you for everything Robin!

Blessings & Hugs :)


Lance Says:

26 April 2010 at 12:16 pm.

Being here today, especially, I want you to know….you inspire me. Robin, you have this beautiful gift of connecting with others in at such a heart-level, and in that – I am inspired to live more from that place within me.

I hope you know how much our friendship means to me. And it has been through that friendship that you, too, have inspired me in my own life. So, you and Robin together today – wow!! Both of you are such caring and loving souls. My life has been immensely blessed by your presence.

So, reading a bit more about this journey you are on, Evita, is complete joy for me! Because I know that this is something that means so much to you, and to where you are in your life. You have this beautiful gift of connecting nature and soul. And in that, I see what feels so right about our world today. Your Eden is a magnificent place, one filled with the wisdom, peace, and serenity of pure nature. So, it is with that – I wish you much happiness, love, and moments of pure joy in your Eden. For you and your husband, may this place be one that continues to touch your soul.

And may our paths continue to cross in ways which bring wonder and joy…

Peace and love,


Evita Reply:

Hi Lance

It is a great gift to have you share in this whole new journey in my life! Thank you for being here and just always for being that awesome, caring soul – You!

I take all your words and good wishes to my heart and soul, and from this place I will continue to create and live my dream. It is really breath taking at times to think how we each can truly manifest our dreams – no excuses. We just have to pin point what we want, focus on it and go for it. That is really the only reason this or anything else in my life has every worked out so perfectly. It is when we let fear and doubts in that our dreams seem so unrealistic and so out of reach.

So always dream Lance, and dream big – and focus and move towards those dreams with faith and certainty, for each and every dream will manifest in better ways than any of us ever could have hoped for!

And who knows, maybe you can even visit me in “Eden” sometime in the near future ;)


Robb Says:

26 April 2010 at 12:38 pm.

Kia ora Evita,
How inspirational! To reach the point where there are simply no more reasons to not pursue something better in a world where living differently seems so odd. Where sitting by a stream doing nothing is a waste of time when we could be getting more things, more stuff, watch something on tee vee.
Right now I am just trying to build strength to return to the mountains, where I am alive and free. Our long term goal is to build a small sustainable place amongst them. I had an intense discussion with someone the other day who insisted that nature at its best will only bring out the conditioning and values of what we have developed out here. I wholly disagreed, if we allow nature to reach into our hearts it will reveal far more of ourselves than we ever knew was possible. The catholic pope recently voiced strong thoughts on how “it is contrary to authentic development to view Nature as something more important than a human person. This position leads to attitudes of neo-paganism or a new pantheism – human salvation cannot come from Nature alone, understood in a purely naturalistic sense”.
Well, I guess I am a neo – paganist. We don’t seem to be doing too well at human salvation by destroying anything left wild. I believe that our salvation and our future comes in reconnecting ourselves TO Nature. Kia ora for helping to show the way. Kia kaha.


Evita Reply:

Hello Robb,

I have always loved your greetings to Robin, whenever I noticed your comments here. Thank you for saluting me in the same way :)

I have read about your surgery on your site, and wish you all the healing and grace you need to return once again to your “Eden” – the mountains. Your idea of building something sustainable there and living so free sounds delicious!

As for nature and what it can bring out…. nature has unlimited potential. Aside from using a lot of words about how I feel, I think the fictitious Na’vi people in the movie “Avatar” are a great example. Those are the themes that inspire me – living with nature in unity – dropping the superficial hierarchies (i.m.o. they have only lead to the destruction of millions of plant and animal species as we continue to think that we are somehow “better” than them) – respecting all – understanding all – and most of all being guided by love for all.

I have to say, that it is sad the pope feels that way. I am sure this is coming from the current movement of a lot more people in our world saying they find more of God amongst nature, than in churches – I know I am one of them. Well, perhaps that is something the church needs to seriously consider as to why that may be… but we won’t get into that here ;)

Thank you for this wonderful discussion. I look forward to catching up on more on your site!


Janet Gardner Says:

26 April 2010 at 1:23 pm.

Hi Robin and Evita, My Edan is and always has been the waterfront. I have been going there since I was a young teenager to talk to my higher power and listen for answers questions in my life. I walk the Plymouth ma waterfront every night at sunset and all I can do is smile. Everyone should have an Eden. I would love to share this on my blog if it is ok with you. You have inspired me today to tears. I would like to share that with my followers. I wish you much happiness on your journey, please continue to share.
Janet :)


Evita Reply:

Hello Janet

It is so wonderful to meet you here on Robin’s welcoming site! As one of my favorite elements, I can completely understand your love for water.

And absolutely you have my permission to share this, and I assume it will be okay with Robin too.

Many blessings to you and thank you for sharing in this first step of mine!


Nadia - Happy Lotus Says:

26 April 2010 at 2:15 pm.

Hi Evita and Robin,

Good for you for heeding the call and following it. I have no doubt that you will have a wonderful time and be truly inspired in every way.

Ironically, like you, we are doing the same thing. We will be moving in a couple of months. Our version of Eden is by the ocean. We pretty much live a simple life but so far we have donated over 100 books and 90% of the clothes we had. It was such a wonderful feeling. So I know exactly what you mean about owning less. That is one reason why we never bought a home…we just do not want to own one and be tied to it.

Anyway…I am sending you lots of love and blessings as you begin your new journey. Hopefully, we can compare notes along the way and learn from each other!


Evita Reply:

Hi Nadia

Yes, I was so excited when I heard about your move and thought it was amazing, how again we were on very parallel journeys.

Even though we are moving into the forest type of landscape, which is gorgeous, we still dream of living by the ocean one day. A simple cottage for two by the sea…. mmm! Well this dream manifested, so I am sure our other one will too :)

Nadia thank you for your presence here today, and I wish you all the best as you too embark on a very special journey into your own “Eden”.


Catrien Ross Says:

26 April 2010 at 4:10 pm.

Evita, good morning from the mountains of Japan. Thank you for your lovely comment and email. I feel so warmed by your post and want to walk with you along your journey, and share our stories.

I, too, was called to learn from nature, and came to the mountains more than 15 years ago to live a very different kind of life to that we had been living in megalopolis Tokyo. Here water comes from a mountain spring-fed well, wild boar and deer share the wild garden, and we have learned about producing food, remaking this 300-year-old minka, growing strong and straight and true (I really do chop wood and carry water), and also about the sense of community in the Japanese countryside. Many gifts of natural bounty, like rice, sticky rice, potatoes and noodles, come from friends. It is not a spartan lifestyle – the inside of the house has many lovely old things, too – and the living space is large because ancient minka were all built very big – yet it is a way of life that has reconnected me with what is best and deepest in myself and taught me to listen to nature within myself and also to greater nature around me.

Now, after 15 years, I feel called to engage with the outer world by becoming an entrepreneur again (I established a publishing company at the foot of Mount Fuji, in a center only three minutes on foot from Lake Kawaguchi), and outreach has once more become part of my daily life. The phases of life are so interesting and inspiring – we go through many cycles on the journey – and we return to what we are again and again, renewed and informed by what emerges from our authentic core. It is an amazing, passionate process – a truly mythic journey.

I feel that this spot of Eden here in Japan has now been so blessed by the love and grace of the Eden in Naked in Eden (huge hugs and thanks to you, Robin), and the presence of Eve in the garden (an enormous hug to you, too, Evita). And I look forward so much to sharing the journey from now.

All the best to you in your new phase, Evita! Greetings from the mountains in Japan – Catrien Ross.


Evita Reply:

Hello Catrien

Wow, what an incredible journey you indeed have. I resonate with all that you said, but most specifically the idea that we indeed go through the phases. I so agree. I know I will not be to where I am moving forever. How long will it be? I don’t know. What I do know is that at this moment it is the right place to be.

I want that quiet and simple way of life, but also like you said, there will be some modern amenities and the home will still look like a typical home in many ways.

As I mentioned too, over the years our “Edens” grow, change, develop and of course evolve with us, so it is just so great to go with that beautiful flow of life. I marvel in where it has taken me thus far, and excite in where it will take me to come.

Catrien, it is a great pleasure in getting to know you, and your “Eden” sounds just so preciously perfect!

Thank you and likewise, all the best to you in your new endeavours!


Wilma Ham Says:

26 April 2010 at 8:26 pm.

Oh Evita, oh Robin. YES, returning to nature is the best thing we can ever do and congratulations.
My partner and I have done that nearly 2 years ago and it is bliss.
Fresh vegetables every day, clean air, rain water, they are gifts of the creator, there for us to be had in its purest form. Who are we to NOT receive those gifts and turn our back on them.
Who are we to overshadow the natural music with natural vibrations to sooth and heal us with man made noise.
The earth is our provider, it is a living entity and it responds to nurturing, it responds to loving care and in turn we heal the earth as it has to deal with our negligence and destruction.
Oh Evita, lovingly living in nature is good for us and a loving act towards the giving earth.
Much love and light, Wilma


Evita Reply:

Hello Wilma

What a burst of sunshine your energy and comment was for me to read! Wilma that is so how I am learning and have grown to feel – the more we take care of nature, the more she takes care of us. And yes, we have all these amazing gifts from nature – a gift from the creator indeed and I want to make the most of them. It just feels so right to do this right now.

Perhaps at a time where the destruction of the Earth is happening at a rapid pace, perhaps more and more of us are waking up and changing our ways to help, if at least only to balance the energies, and let Mother Earth know that we do care, that we do respect her and all her gifts and that we cherish all that is around us.

Thank you so much Wilma for your beautiful sentiments!


Chris Edgar Says:

26 April 2010 at 9:21 pm.

Hi Evita — I always enjoy the feelings of warmth and hope I get when reading your writing. I’m also looking forward to seeing the photos of all the Swiss Family Robinson-style contraptions I’m sure you’ll have put together — having your electricity powered by water wheel and so on. :)


Evita Reply:

Hi Chris

LOL…. :) That gave me a good laugh this morning :)
You know at first, our intention was to build an Earthship (if you have not seen them, just google it) however, the technology and the permits are just not that easy to do here in Canada yet. Mike Reynolds – the founder of Earthships is doing an amazing job so far building these fully sustainable homes, completely off the grid in the US. So it was not an ideal option for us for now…maybe our third home.

So what we are doing is trying to balance simplicity with a natural lifestyle, amidst modern comfort at the moment. So no there won’t be a water wheel ;) but we are hoping to get solar panels next year, to be almost if not totally off the grid in a year or so.

Thank you Chris for sharing in this journey with me.


Nea | Self Improvement Saga Says:

26 April 2010 at 10:36 pm.

I was truly inspired by reading this piece on returning to Eden. Congrats on your journey, Evita. It sounds like such a wonderful, soothing, relaxing, and natural way to live. I am wishing you all the best and I hope to learn more about your experiences.



Evita Reply:

Hello Nea

It is wonderful to meet you here and thank you for sharing in this journey that means so much to me! I definitely intend to chronicle our journey as it unfolds….


marcel lemieux Says:

26 April 2010 at 11:08 pm.

Hello Evita..please to meet you..i,m wishing you the best in your new adventure may you fill your heart and soul with the divine honey that you may find..your Eden will be as you wish because you are creating it …(i,m a friend of Robin)..for me all my life is mostly where i layed my hat was my home..and often in awesome surroundings much close to what may be parts of the vision of Eden on earth..As of now my home is one of a writer,a poet,an artist ,an tiny Eden sort of space….A gypsy at heart,i have wheels that bring me to where i want to be anytime..many times in my life i have sold all that i have owned. I never was really compelled to own land or a house ,it was more convenient to rent.To many things to see and do.Freedom was always heavy in the balance..i like to find beautiful places when i travel and experience it fully..
In my quest of life i,ve discovered that true Eden is in your heart and soul and in the way you see things..then you can be anywhere you like nature,island,mountains,by the ocean,in the country etc, and feel the bliss as in being in Eden…may peace and love be always in you…Marcel


Evita Reply:

Hi Marcel

And so wonderful to meet you too :)
You expressed so beautifully where the true “Eden” lies – I so agree. Happiness is always within, and it is we who bring it places, not the places that bring it to us.

I love your description of the type of lifestyle you lead. One of the things that is going to result because of this move is actually to travel more. Even though we will own a home, because of all the logistics, it will actually be easier for us to travel and for longer periods of time.

Thank you for all that you shared. I truly believe in conscious creation and this is what I attribute so much to having my dreams coming true!


Tweets that mention Naked In Eden Blog – Robin Easton » A Return to Eden -- Topsy.com Says:

27 April 2010 at 12:13 am.

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jonathan Wells, Jonathan Wells, evelynlim, Lance, Steven Aitchison and others. Steven Aitchison said: RT @RobinEaston A Return to Eden http://bit.ly/aogz6Z [...]

Evelyn Lim Says:

27 April 2010 at 12:48 am.

How awesome that more of us are intending to connect with Mother Nature! The National Park next to my home is where I retreat to for some sanity.

Come to think of it, both of us share almost the same name. I am called Eve for short, even though I prefer to be known as Evelyn. My parents chose the name for me because I was born on Christmas Eve.

All the best in your return to Eden!


Evita Reply:

Hi Evelyn

That sounds so wonderful to have a place, a sort of sanctuary so close to you. I think it does wonders for our mind and heart and soul.

And yes, you are right, Evelyn is a variation from Eve too :)


Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord Says:

27 April 2010 at 4:33 am.

Robin, thank you so much for having Evita as a guest author. I love you both, so this is a special treat!

Evita, as I write this comment, I’m seeing snow outside my window. SNOW! Mother Nature has a funny way about her, but it’s HER way, and it’s wise, eternally loving, and all-inviting. Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate, and she invites us to honor rhythms, cycles, ups and downs and see them all as being necessary and GOOD!

I think the move you’re making is admirable, and something I hope to someday step into, as well (if that’s what I’m called to do).

Celebrate and dance, just as you described, and know that we’re all there with you in spirit!

Huge hug & many blessings,


Evita Reply:

Hi Megan

Thank you for being here to share in this as well.
You definitely surprised me too, to hear snow, but as you said, there is indeed a natural perfection to all that happens in nature. We may not always see it, but it is there. The natural cycles, phases, that special ebb and flow nourishes all life forms perfectly, when they too are in that balance and harmony with it all. Otherwise nature may seem like a hostile enemy, making our lives more difficult…. too bad, as it is so not like that.

Thank you always for your beautiful friendship, support and encouragement – I so appreciate them all!


Joy Says:

27 April 2010 at 4:39 am.

Oh my heart leaps at reading your words. I am so glad you are returning to Eden–it is so right, so joy filled, so perfect. When you listen to yoru heart and follow it’s whispers you inspire us to do the same. You will flourish in Eden, you are radiating already–evident through all you share here.
I think Eden is the spot in life that you are most authentic, living true to your heart. Eden can be a few fleeting moments, or Eden can be an entire lifestyle. Eden is the most peaceful pure state you can be in. My Eden is my lifestyle on the boat. The peace and joy and wonder I find in my natural surroundings here on the ocean are exactly what fulfills my spirit, soothes my heart, strengthens my Light. I’m now aligning my career choices–am doing a complete overhaul, quite exciting.
Evita, you have found your own personal answer–much joy, much peace, much love as you embark on this new journey….


Evita Reply:

Hi Joy,

Oh Joy, thank you so much for sharing your Eden – I so LOVE the lifestyle you chose. It is special and uniquely you! And I can only imagine the glory and magnificence of what it must feel like to be surrounded by one of the amazing elements – water!

And Joy how beautifully you described “Eden” – I will hold what you said always in my heart – thank you for that beautiful gift and for your caring words to me :)


Amit Sodha - The Power Of Choice Says:

27 April 2010 at 5:49 am.

It truly sounds like you’ve found your calling and what it is that you truly want to experience in life. Keep following that and make it real for you. Hope you enjoy every second of your Eden experience!


Evita Reply:

Hi Amit

Thank you for your kind and supportive words. This decision really does feel great and there is a certain excitement in changing one’s life and pushing the comfort zone in order to grow and expand further.


suzen Says:

27 April 2010 at 6:56 am.

Hi Evita! How wonderful that everything on this path is in full cooperation with your intentions – that alone is such proof that you are traveling “right”. It is awesome that you not only felt the call, but honored it! That takes courage and full belief in that the changes, though seemingly drastic, are all in sync with the Universe’s plan. Oh I am SO filled with happiness for you!!!!

I’ve always subscribed to the “bloom where you are planted” philosophy but as I approach the retirement of hubs, it opens a lot of new doors of possibility. As much as I feel my “Eden” could be out there, I am still attached to my grown children and don’t want to be too far away. For now, the house at the lake (6 hrs away) is all that I am comfortable with but I am trying to be open. We’ll see what unfolds.

I do hope you will have internet access wherever you land. I have so enjoyed your blog! Best wishes always!


Evita Reply:

Hi SuZen,

Thank you kindly for your beautiful words and encouragement. That is my feeling too, that when everything is working out so well, it is just that much more a sign that one is moving in the right direction.

Your Lake House idea sounds wonderful and I have no doubt that experience will open up many new doors and bridges for expansion for you. Everything we are given in life, and attract I whole heartedly feel is for our best, to help us grow, expand and evolve.

And yes, Internet was a little tricky up there, but that was a must, seeing that both me and my husband need it to make some sort of a living. Our work revolves almost entirely on the net. So even though our Internet may be a bit slower, we will have it :)


The Exception Says:

27 April 2010 at 9:12 am.

Evita –
Your description of Eden sounds very similar to the way I spent much of my childhood – growing up in the mountains of Arizona and spending weekends in the National Forests exploring and listening and just… being. Having lived in different parts of the world, I am not sure where my Eden is location wise these days. I believe that it lies within me more than not and I take it with me wherever I travel, but there are times when I feel called to live here or there – to experience life in a different place with the opportunities that are there presented.
It is wonderful that you are embracing this opportunity – and that you share a life with someone who is open to doing it with you. I am looking forward to reading about your journey.

Thank you for sharing a little of your Eden.


Evita Reply:

Hi The Exception

Thanks for sharing your experience and how you perceive your current Eden. I agree that the richest Eden should and will always be within us, and it is so amazing to take it where we go. However, we all know that different environments also bring out different aspects of ourselves, so that is good too. At this time, as happy as I can be anywhere, I know I am being called to a certain way of life – simpler and more natural.

It was such a pleasure to be here on Robin’s site and wonderful to meet you as well :)


nothingprofound Says:

27 April 2010 at 9:22 am.

Pessoa: “Our own souls, the earth and the sky, are all we need. To want more is to lose these things and be unhappy.” May all your dreams come true, as you dance barefoot under those zillion stars.


Evita Reply:

Hi Nothingprofound

What a gorgeous saying! Thank you from my heart and soul :)


Steven Aitchison Says:

27 April 2010 at 10:12 am.

Hi Evita and Robin, what a beautiful place to reside and it’s so nice to hear that some people are willing to push past their familiar zone and experience the life in all it’s glory.

I know what you mean about the calling of nature, it’s been whispering to me for a while and I can see myself living in the country and living under natures wing.

Thank you for the beautiful imagery here, it took me away to another place for a few minutes.


Evita Reply:

Hello Steven

It was a pleasure to share some of my changes, and here on Robin’s site. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you great happiness in whatever call that you decide to follow.


Lauren Says:

27 April 2010 at 10:22 am.

Dear Evita,

I have been so inspired by Robin’s love of the untamed – nature, that is – that I have been reflecting deeply upon my connection with nature. It’s caused me to desire more time away in wild places (and I do have the good fortune of the ocean right in front of me).

Your post just makes the itch all the greater! Now, I am even more inspired.

Thanks for sharing your journey!


Evita Reply:

Hi Lauren

How wonderful to hear! And thank you for the feedback and comment. In all honesty I think it is contagious ;) The more I connected to nature, the more I wanted even more. The more I heard about it from others, the more also that drove my passion and motivation towards where I am today.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest, especially by that beautiful ocean you have near you!


Tess The Bold Life Says:

27 April 2010 at 2:47 pm.

Evita and Robin,

You are both big teachers in my life and I’m grateful for every word you each write and the experiences you share.

It’s funny I grew up in nature on that 80 acre farm and lived in the country for the first 30 years of my life. And I always felt I was missing out on city life especially in elementary school. Part of the reason being we were sent to private schools in the city and missed my friends each day I went home.

Evita…I especially love what you’re doing with that room you’ll have upstairs that you’ll leave empty to dance and play and create. I’m looking forward to growing our friendship and sharing in your wisdom and joy.

Lots of love and light on your journey with your hubby as well! xo


Evita Reply:

Hi Tess

Thank you for your beautiful comment and kind feedback!

I can so relate to how I feel, because so many people I talk to from the small town next to us or just in the past from farms and small towns, so many of them feel the same way – that they are missing out, or want to be in the city.

I still love cities, and will expand on my travelling even more and I am sure visit many. But when it comes right now to having a home base, I cannot think of a better place than tucked away amidst the splendour of nature.

And yes, today in my life, less is more!

Thank you once again Tess for being the awesome person you are :)


Hilary Says:

28 April 2010 at 1:55 am.

Hi Evita and Robin .. it’s lovely hearing your story in such a soft way .. just doing it .. and that’s it. It does sound as though you’ll be in bliss together in your Eden away from the madding crowd – but able to visit as and when.

Now as you say you’ll have the time to watch nature .. and live with Gaia .. that’s a great name for Mother Earth. To have few possessions frees up life and you can be completely clear with your thoughts .. without all that paraphernalia flapping around ..

Enjoy the summer and your new found freedom – as you explore life ahead and experience those visualisations of veggies, barefoot wanders, musing with trees, lakes, rivers .. talking to the plants – wonderful .. with thoughts Hilary


Evita Reply:

Hi Hilary

Your warmth radiates in your reply Hilary and I thank you so much for that! I am really excited about this new change in my life, as I feel that more than anything it is the right move for us to make, the right next step in our evolution, in our life’s path….

Thank you for your beautiful comment and in sharing in this special time for me as well :)


Karl Staib - Work Happy Now Says:

28 April 2010 at 7:41 am.

Sounds like you are going back home, where you should be. This is exciting. I can’t wait to see how your perspective changes.

The earth is a wonderful place and we can live heaven on earth if we only open our eyes to all the beauty.


Evita Reply:

Hi Karl

Yes, in many ways it feels like that Karl. It is funny but we love where we live now and our home, but it always felt like it had this temporary energy to it…. we never really attached ourselves here in any major way. And in many ways I don’t ever want to attach to any material possession, but this new life and home, just feel different in a more “real” for us kind of way.

Thank you for your beautiful words!


Barry Says:

29 April 2010 at 1:06 pm.

Given that I also live in Ontario, my Eden would likely be beside a Lake in Northern Ontario as well, probably in the Haliburton area.


Evita Reply:

Hi Barry

You almost hit right on the area where we will be – wow! We will be another hour or so more north of that. But I completely can relate to why you like that scene :)


Dorothy Stahlnecker Says:

29 April 2010 at 8:05 pm.

I understand what your thinking and feeling I recently wrote a note to myself promising I’d find and take my life back….however, I’ve yet to determine what that means…I’m pondering and being very careful to listen to my thoughts so when I embark on that journey it will be what I truly have wanted.

This is a great post, helped me think more about my own journey which is coming soon..

Dorothy from grammology


Evita Reply:

Hi Dorothy

Thank you for sharing what you are feeling and experiencing in your own life. I think it is indeed important for each of us to know really who we are living our life for, how and why. So often we rush through life for all the wrong reasons (a.k.a. reasons that don’t serve us).

So I wish you well on your journey, may you find exactly that which will be most meaningful to you.


Stephen - Rat Race Trap Says:

2 May 2010 at 12:00 pm.

Hello Evita, this is truly an inspiring and wonderful article. So many of us just don’t get up enough courage to truly follow our hearts like this. I’ve been a city lover for much of my life and wanted to live in cities even though I also enjoyed some time in the pure beauty of remote nature. I’ve often been torn between the two.

I envy you having the guts to pull up and pursue your heart like this into a more natural place. Someday maybe I’ll take a journey like that of my own. For now I’m still stuck in the burbs of giant city.

I wish you the best of everything. Thanks for such an inspiring story.


Evita Reply:

Hello Stephen

Thank you so much for your kind words and it is my pleasure.

This is part of what I hope to inspire people to do, is to have that courage to follow more with their heart and less with their mind. This does not mean that we abandon all reason, just that we live more from our core, and less from forced upon us ideals of others.

When the time is right, I believe each one of us makes a change or move that is right for us, and the same I know will happen for you. Right now, you are in the city, as that is where your heart is, when nature beckons a stronger pull on you, you will find yourself amongst her, I have no doubt.

Thank you for your wishes and wishing you all the best as well.


Month in Review: April 2010 - Evolving Wellness Says:

2 May 2010 at 2:02 pm.

[...] As I mentioned to you in the March Monthly Review, I am currently undergoing some changes in my life to an even more green, sustainable, simple and healthy way of life. To get to know more about this new journey of mine, you can read the following article “A Return to Eden.” [...]

Appalachian Sea Otter in Virginia Says:

3 May 2010 at 3:22 pm.

A return to Eden for me is a feeling that the moment is perfect as it is. A sense of balance and personal harmony has been achieved. It is a sense of being where one is authentic to their feelings which originate deep within and come to the surface to be manifested from what one would call the dream world. One’s dream then is perpetually coming true. It is truth to the Self. It is Genius. It is Love. It is an alignment with one’s soul and personal power. It is a ride upon one’s intentions and desires in life. Eden is at the center of the universe that eminates from the vortex of the Heart.

May we all find our personal Nature and heart beat as we experience the environments of our choosing. When our personal Eve reunites with Adam there only becomes the Love of the Now beyond polarization and opposites.


Evita Reply:

Hello Sea Otter ;)

Thank you for sharing the deep, wise and beautiful words you have. You have so eloquently stated an incredible state of being. I resonate with that so well, and I always seek to create and have that in my own life.

Many blessings to you on your own journey, as I have no doubt you have found the perfection of the moment and your own Eden!


doug Says:

3 May 2010 at 5:59 pm.

Oh perfect Eve! Close your eyes and still your mind that is Eden! The spiritual locale you have found YOU have manifested and it is your feedback loop telling you that you have perfectly created your Eden. Every time I talk with you, every time I am in your presence, I feel your connectedness, and that is truly inspiring! Remember where your true Eden is and enjoy paradise! You are only Love.


Evita Reply:

Hello Doug

What a beautiful comment you have left for me here. Thank you dear friend, it means so much to hear these words from you.

It really does feel like an amazing creation, and I feel so blessed and humbled today that I can recognize that our lives truly are in our making. With the guidance of Source energy and our own ebb and flow on the path of growth and evolution, beautiful things manifest when we connect to that who and which we really are.


Zeenat{Positive Provocations} Says:

4 May 2010 at 4:51 am.

Dearest Evita,
Its so wonderful to see you here on Robins site..sharing your Eden with us. You, all you do and all you stand for is truly amazing and inspiring. And I am so so happy We connected. Its wonderful when we truly understand our place and find our Eden.
Thank you Robin! For sharing your space with Evita.
Loved this.
much love to you both,


Evita Reply:

Hello Zeenat

And it is so wonderful and such a treat to have you share in this journey with me. It has been such an amazing blessing having Robin indeed share this space with me, and the love, kindness and so much more that has come from writing this and these amazing comments from people like yourself have been incredible!

I too feel blessed that we connected – to many more beautiful creations!


Tweets that mention Naked In Eden Blog – Robin Easton » A Return to Eden -- Topsy.com Says:

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26 July 2010 at 8:57 pm.

[...] to a simpler and more natural way of life. We felt nature tugging at our heartstrings. We heard the call of Mother Nature. Watching nature shows on television was to be replaced by watching nature in real life. Grocery [...]

Christopher Foster Says:

20 December 2011 at 2:38 pm.

Evita, I have not connected with you too much until now, but perhaps I can connect with you in this moment as I send you blessings and love and wish you all the very best in your wonderful adventure back to Nature.

I’ve loved Nature as long as I can remember and it is good to know you will be very consciously and deliberately reconnecting with the mother of us all.


My New Journey Begins By Being Naked in Eden - Evolving Beings | Consciousness Expansion and Heart-Centered Living Says:

29 December 2011 at 12:38 pm.

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