Choosing to Love

Posted by Robin Easton

No matter our beliefs, let’s imagine something for discussion’s sake. What if human souls live on after death. What if the dead people we love are aware of us, that we can talk with them and they will hear us, that we can continue our relationship with them in some way. In light of this, if we are unhappy with how our parents (or any other dead person) treated us, couldn’t we talk with them and listen to them. Couldn’t our relationship with our dead parents continue to grow and heal?

I’ve found that the potential for healing need not die with our parents. At any moment we can chose to fully heal ourselves and others. There is great potential for healing many generations back and many to come. I’ve learned that my parents are open to this growth, as grateful for it as I am. Yet, my father is dead, and my mother is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, unable to talk or recognize people. However, as I continue to mature, so do they, even though they’re dead. As I talk with them and pour out my heart, I feel them encouraging me, loving me, and watching over me. They continue to grow with me. This is not because we had perfect relations growing up, often it was far from perfect.

So why do they grow with me? Because life wants to heal itself. I too want to heal. I want to fully embrace both my parents humanity and my own, mistakes, pain and all, no matter what that is. I want to love them and myself.  ~I want to love.~  I realized one day that my deepest fear was not that I wouldn’t be loved, but that someone would somehow stop me from loving. One morning I stood on a mountain top looking out over the Earth, and I knew in my heart that nothing and no one could ever stop me from loving. That is mine. That is who I am. Others may not be able to actively return my love, but they cannot stop me from loving them or anyone else. In my loving, I am loved by Love itself.

Everyday I say,Teach me how to love more fully.” Although it’s not always easy, I am forever challenged to love in deeper ways. I love exploring the conditioned boundaries of healing, forgiving, and loving. I’m deeply moved by how much can be healed. I’ve had a long hard look at my own failings, and I couldn’t help but see in myself the very things I had judged in my parents (and others). As I understand and forgive myself, I’m able to understand and forgive others. I’m able to heal us both. When we heal ourselves we heal the world, past, present, future, all of it.

We often have trouble embracing one of life’s most fundamental realities. No one ever said that we would be born on planet Earth and everything and everyone around us would be perfect, and that we would never be hurt. To believe this, is to waste our lives. We can end up resentful, bitter and alone.  We often use it as a reason not to grow. We assume that life owes us something, that we should have have been given a better life. There is no “other”…unless we create it.

Often it appears easier to blame and rage at life than to embrace the seemingly harsh reality that life promised us nothing. Life just is. The rest is up to us. I know it can be hard to embrace a reality where some people are thrown into the whirling blender of life and die, or they are so deeply wounded that they wish they were dead. We get what we get and sometimes it’s brutal. However, there are those who have forgiven and healed from the most heinous crimes against themselves or their loved ones. I pray I would be so noble.

For now, these things give me reason to not lock people into their past, including myself. They give me reason to forgive, to embrace compassion and allow people to grow along with with me, whether they are living or dead. I find it soothing to look upon those who have hurt me, as part of myself, a part that I am learning to heal.

With love,

NOTE: This week Linda Wolf, of Insanely Serene blog, interviews me on a “Moment of Clarity” which changed my whole life (click title to read). It was a rewarding interview because it once again reminded me of a key element which makes my life more joyous, creative and spontaneous. Have you ever had a moment of clarity that changed your whole life?  Hope you come visit me there and share your stories. I will be popping in and out to read comments.  Hugs, Robin


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The Exception Says:

22 November 2010 at 4:05 pm.

I am finding these concepts to be true as well. Forgiving is a blessing as is compassion – and it starts with me giving both to myself and to others.
Jan (Awakened Living) brought my attention to a wonderful idea – consider what we each want for ourselves – and in doing this, we come to recognize our sameness – our commonalities. This means that we each want for ourselves… love… we each want that we don’t suffer. When we see ourselves in others, we are transformed to a place of further open heartedness, acceptance and forgiveness or compassion. We are equals – past, present and future. We are connected each wanting to give and recieve love; each wanting not to suffer.
Beautiful and heart reaching post Robin.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest “E”, I too have found that the more compassion and forgiveness I can give myself, the more I am able to give others. If I haven’t forgiven myself it can be very challenging to forgive others.

I love what you share of Jan’s here: It is how my process works also. It did me good to read it and feel and kindred spirit. When I forget this basic truth, I just go back to it and am able to recognize the “sameness” or oneness in us all.

It is always a healing experience and honor to have you here. I just love your vastness of experience,your wisdom, and your compassion. You inspire me to to reach for the best in myself and others.



Lynn Says:

22 November 2010 at 4:07 pm.

Oh Robin. As always, so beautiful and timely. Your remark “my deepest fear was not that I wouldn’t be loved but that somehow, some day, someone would stop me from loving” brought tears…..


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Lynn, This is the first time I’ve written that insight. I felt it many years ago, but had not expressed it to others. It felt good to do so. This time it had even deeper levels of meaning. I was touched by your tears, as it also brought tears to my own eyes while I was writing it. It was such a liberating realization to know that no one could stop me from loving, except myself.

Hugs to you dear friend.

PS: Sending you warm sun from your old stomping ground. :)


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22 November 2010 at 4:25 pm.

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Michelle Says:

22 November 2010 at 4:35 pm.

That’s just it, isn’t it? Life just IS.
Keep what serves us, discard what does not – and that applies to nothing better than our attitudes. Forgiveness is not condoning – it is a release of the pain and anger. Forgiveness is giving yourself the permission to heal – not the perpetrator the permission to hurt again. After it all, it is only about you, not about them. But then, who knows, perhaps you may inspire them to heal as well? Either way that is not in your control. I may not be as enlightened as some and I love carefully but I have learned that the anger I carry most often only allows an old injury to hurt me all over again. Some experiences can really suck or worse. Letting it go, lets me enjoy the gift of life in its entire spectrum. Survival is grace and beauty, grace and beauty…. And then maybe I have no idea what I am talking about? :)


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Michelle, how exciting to see you here. I love this: “Keep what serves us, discard what does not – and that applies to nothing better than our attitudes.” That is just so REAL! So point blank for me, which I love.

I also really like this line because it distinguishes something that people often get mixed together: “Forgiveness is giving yourself the permission to heal – not the perpetrator the permission to hurt again.” YES!! I think that’s why I love forgiveness, because it’s not about letting someone continue to hurt me, nor is it about not acknowledging that someone HAS hurt me. It’s about letting myself heal. I just LOVE how clear you made that. I didn’t not have the words for it. Thank you!!!!

I too discovered that the anger or resentment or bitterness I carried hurt me far more than it hurt anyone else. I let go, loved and healed for ME. All the spillover from that was just a wonderful bonus, which brought more love into my life!

And dear Michelle, you have EVERY “idea what you are talking about”. It’s brilliant, like all that you do. I had some amazing insights into you and your work today while I was walking along a little creek photographing ice crystals. I’ll have to share them with you later. HUGE hugs, Rob.


Michelle Reply:

Hugs… I can’t wait to hear them! :-)
I am learning to love… And I love to come here and share in the wonderful atmosphere of your ‘house’ and your friends here.


Tess The Bold Life Says:

22 November 2010 at 4:40 pm.

Hi Robin,

First I want to thank you for writing about me and my book. I think I’ll take your desprcription for my about page. LOL

One morning I stood on a mountain top looking out over the Earth, and I knew in my heart that nothing and no one could ever stop me from loving.


My father died a year in 2009. He was a difficult man to be around yet I found ways to show my love in ways he could receive them. I am so grateful I was and still am wise enough to love him even if most of the time he lived in unlovable ways.

I just had to rise “above the battlefield.” It’s like there is a veil over our faces representing all the things that get in the way of loving. ie war, envy, anger, distrust, abuse etc. We only need to lift the veil to see the person is only love at their core and the rest is an illusion.

So nobody is going to prevent me from loving either. As always we’re on the same page. Love on, my friend;) xo


Robin Easton Reply:

Hey dear Tess, Oh yes! Please do use what I wrote about you! I love it because it SO you. LOL! :)

Oh Tess, thank you for understanding. Standing on that mountain and seeing that no one could away my desire to love, even in the face of pain, hurt, etc. That was a pivotal moment for me. Such an awakening.

I love: “rise above the battlefield”. Yes, that is what I did with my mother and I am soooo glad that I did. She and I made our peace, a deep peace, because I did that.

This is brilliant: “We only need to lift the veil to see the person is only love at their core and the rest is an illusion.” You are SO right about the veil. That’s what I realized with my mother. Once I lifted the veil and saw the person beneath, and spoke only to that person, and only acknowledge THAT person, she totally changed. She never hurt me again. It was as if something in her let go, and she knew she could be vulnerable around me. —Yes, we are on the same page dear Tess, and I am so so grateful for your life affirming presence. Just to grateful. Love, Roby


Jay Schryer Says:

22 November 2010 at 4:44 pm.

Oh Robin,

Never have I ever wanted to hug you as much as I want to hug you right now. This was beautiful, and perfect. Thank you for all the loving you do. You’re a blessing and inspiration to us all. I love you very much!


Zeenat{Positive Provocations} Reply:

@Jay – You and me both..lets Hug Robin- Big group hug of immense love for ROBIN. Cause she is all love na.

@Darling Robin- Firstly I love you. Secondly I love you more. And thirdly, I love you because as I read this I felt like someone had stepping into my heart and said all that I felt in such an exquisite way. The only difference though, is that i DO BELIEVE that the people who pass on Live in another dimension and can feel us. We might not feel them, but they certainly can. I feel that our only means of truly communicating with them is through loving them unconditionally.
I always love it when I see a widowed woman talk about her deceased husband with so much love, although in life he really wasn’t perfect….and she complained about him incessantly then, but now after his demise, she cant stop praising him.
I feel like a certain shift comes within us, which makes us return to that pure loving state of thought for each being. It makes loving each and every being living or departed, so much easier and so much more enriching to our own being too.
I cant tell you how much I miss my father after reading this post. But in reality, I know he is right here with me telling me to stop missing him and start Living and Loving :)
Amazing things happen if we just let them with open hearts of love :)
And fourthly, love you some more…. ;)


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Z, I just LOVE this whole comment it is brilliant and wise and so absolutely who you are. It’s like you spoke my own thoughts and added that extra that I had not put in the post, as it was getting already too long.

I too believe that those we have loved can feel us, communicate with us and help us. And I just LOVE what you said here: “I feel that our only means of truly communicating with them is through loving them unconditionally.” I just love that!! It has totally been my experience as well. It was when I learned to love myself unconditionally and then love them in the same way that I felt those whom I loved around me, helping me, guiding me, and most importantly comforting me.

I also really resonate with this: “I feel like a certain shift comes within us, which makes us return to that pure loving state of thought for each being. It makes loving each and every being living or departed, so much easier and so much more enriching to our own being too.” Yes, I know this to be true for me as well. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to know you and that you shared this. It confirms so much for me, YOU do. It can be hard thing for some people to grasp, but once it is understood, felt and lived it changes how we view the world, ourselves, life and love. You are a remarkable woman Zeenat. I am deeply grateful that you tuck me under your wing of love and that I am part of your beautiful circle. And fifthly, I love you more, and more, and more!!! :) :) Always. Love, Robin


Robin Easton Reply:

Ohhhhh, my sweet dear kindred friend. I have tears in my eyes. I am so moved by this one simple precious heartfelt gift from you. Bless you dear Jay. Your incredible kindness is changing my life. Your wisdom is off the charts. And you purity and authenticity of expression on your blog us unparalleled. Thank you for being my friend Jay. I love you too. Robin


Gail Brenner (AFlourishingLife) Says:

22 November 2010 at 5:32 pm.

Dearest Robin,

“I want to love.” This is a longing, a mission, an absolute truth. Who could possibly take away our ability to love? It is the same with our thoughts. Who else can put us in prison except ourselves – and who can set us free?

Love…freedom…truth. I feel the resonance with you so deeply. We meet in love, as love.

You say, “Life wants to heal itself.” Whatever grudges we are holding on to…may we let them go, may we find our way to peace, may we discover that love knows no bounds.

This post spills over with love everywhere. So beautiful…

With a heart wide open…love to you, my friend,


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Gail,

Wow! This is powerful, and so true: “Who else can put us in prison except ourselves – and who can set us free?” That is SO empowering for me. And yes, I too feel we meet in love, as love. I have felt this so many times, but not had these words.

You hit on something here that I was trying to express, but you have said it more clearly: “…may we discover that love knows no bounds.” This is exactly it for me. This is what I have really been questioning, and feeling a strong desire to push back the “conditioned” boundaries of love. Or “the conditions on love”. I feel a great need in my life right now to expand within myself the meaning and FEELING of love. I have to because it is where my greatest healing and peace lie. It is why I am here.

Thank you dear friend, for everything. I am with you and greatly feel your presence in my life.


Larry Rice Says:

22 November 2010 at 5:34 pm.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

Philip Yancey – The Unnatural Act


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Larry!!

I am thrilled to see you here. I love this quote and had not heard it. It is a POWERFUL one. And that’s just it: I feel a great need to always set myself free. Thank you for that confirmation with this quote.

Now, you KNOW you had me in stitches lately with you videos. LOLOL!! You are SUCH a character. I laughed out loud. You are so creative in more ways than one. Been swamped with work, but want to let you know that I so love your CD. Am playing it over and over. Just Beautiful!! “Ya done good, Lar!” SO proud of you.


Also LOVED the poem and really resonated with it. You are multi-talented. :)


Sandra Lee Says:

22 November 2010 at 5:36 pm.


There is so much beauty and wisdom in this article. I really admire how you ask each day to be shown how to love more! I too have healed my relationship with my parents once they were gone, by healing my emotions and sending love. You have such a wise attitude to life – life just is! “There is no “other”…unless we create it.” Thank you Robin. It’s always so meaningful and powerful to read what you write for us.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Sandra, Thank you so much for your kind caring words. They mean the world to me. I am glad you pointed out the way I ask each day to be shown how to love more. I do it because I REALLY want peace in my life and in the world. Most of us are rarely taught how to love, but we can learn at any point….if we want to. I genuinely want peace in my life. It may seem so obvious, but to love feels so much better. So, I not only continually ask for guidance, but keep trying to expand what my love encompasses. Thank you for understanding and being the loving soul that you are. Love, Robin


Alex Blackwell Says:

22 November 2010 at 6:18 pm.

My mother died in 2008. I don’t miss her, but I do forgive her. I haven’t gloried her in her death, I just accept it.

Deep inside the only choice I have in her death, is to choose to love the little boy she neglected.

That love feels good.



Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Alex, I think this is a beautiful choice: “…to love the little boy she neglected.” Loving ourselves is a HUGE thing to do, something many people find challenging. I think these situations are different for each of us, and we embrace them in our own way. The most important thing we can do is bring ourselves into a place of love like you have done. And you share your wisdom into love very beautiful and generously on your blog. I am always grateful. Hugs, Robin


Debbie Hampton Says:

22 November 2010 at 6:35 pm.

“In my loving, I am loved by Love itself. ” What a comforting thought and perspective. I am gonna remember that one.

My brother and I were very close. He died 13 years ago of AIDS. For a decade I tortured myself with excruciating grief of the loss and wondered where in the heck he was. I felt so alone and lost. Only when I learned to embrace, love and become in tune with myself could I feel him. He has let me know in no uncertain terms that he is around. Our relationship continues. It has evolved and grown and, in some ways, is much more authentic.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Debbie, what a stunning, touching and honest story you have shared here. I too know this experience of: “Only when I learned to embrace, love and become in tune with myself could I feel him.” YES! That has been my case too. Once I could love myself and become, as you say, “in tune”, only then I was able to hear the love and support of those I loved and whom had died, only then was I able to begin to heal any of the “old” pain. Like you I too have experienced this continuing and evolving relationship. It is quite astounding. Thank you dear Debbie for taking the time to share this with me. It means a lot. Hugs, Robin


Keith Says:

22 November 2010 at 7:51 pm.


I hear what your spirit is saying Robin. I think it’s saying “Yes! I am here, I will live on, I will continue to love…forever. See me and know this!” At least that is what mine is whispering to me right now.

Nothing and no one can prevent us from loving, save ourselves. This sentence says so much “..these things give me reason to not lock people into their past, including myself. They give me reason to forgive, to embrace compassion and allow people to grow along with with me..”

We all want others to forgive us, yet we can be slow to do the same for others. This we must do or risk stunting our own growth, as well as hurting the one we will not forgive.

Love. I AM love, we are ALL love. Some may cage it in, but we are all LOVE and our happiness, purpose and fulfillment is contingent upon showing that love, to ourselves and every one else.

Bless you my dear friend and thank you for being the personification of what you’ve written about here.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Keith, You are just amazing. Yes, I think you are right. Something in me just wants to always find a way to return to and be love. It doesn’t mean I can’t express my feelings about things, but when all is said and done, I have to return to love. Because as you so beautifully say: “Love. I AM love, we are ALL love.” If I am not in a place of love, I am off center, and have allowed myself to be hijacked. In the end, I am the one who suffers the most by allowing this to happen.

Thank you for your depth of wisdom and ability to love, be spontaneous and wise. You really are a beautiful light in the world. You, also, are one who personifies what you express on your blog and to those around you. Thank you dear friend. Huge hugs, and so much gratitude. Robin


Lori Says:

22 November 2010 at 8:46 pm.


I’ve once again lost my socks. Blown away…
(That’s okay, though, I usually go barefoot, too.)

My heart was beating as I read this and I felt so warm. It was like you took my hand and we went on a journey of the heart. Thank you for the love walk.

I’ve learned through so many personal challenges that sometimes things just happen, and it’s how we choose to see the events that really makes a difference. I choose to wear love-colored glasses and it makes these challenges so much more bearable.

Such a bounty of wisdom here, Robin, thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.
Much love, Robin with Rays of Rainbows streaming from her soul.


Robin Easton Reply:

Oh dear heart, you honor me so much. I am just always deeply moved to my core by you. and yes, we are both barefoot wild women!! Also, wow, I love the way you experience things, so like myself: “My heart was beating as I read this and I felt so warm. It was like you took my hand and we went on a journey of the heart.” Do you know I felt this while writing it. Some things just pass through us, as if with a voice of their own and we are just the vehicle for it. I was overcome with love while writing this, a powerful moving experience that stayed with me for days.

I LOVE this line, just love it and relate to it wholly: “I choose to wear love-colored glasses and it makes these challenges so much more bearable.” Yes, me too. And you are right sometimes things do just happen, and I prefer to embrace this and move on to what I DO have control over, and blessedly loving is one things that I do have control over.

I am so glad I have found you or you me, or both, :) as you are such an incredible inspiration in my life. You choose to understand life on it’s most fundamental level, and it makes you stunningly beautiful. Much love to your dear “Lori of the Living Light”, Robin


Andrea DeBell - britetalk Says:

22 November 2010 at 8:52 pm.

Hi Robin! Ahhh, the power of love. It can heal us, others, everything, everywhere. We talk a lot about the power of love but I believe that most often it’s not fully comprehended. You present a beautiful picture of love as a tool for healing and growth. Splendid perspective on changing ourselves with the love we give.
Thanks for this touching post! Loving blessings!


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Andrea, Oh yes!! LOVE your insights here. We cannot love another without loving ourselves. The same would be true for, we cannot judge another without judging ourselves, or we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves, and so on. So in light of that, we cannot sooth, love, heal, embrace another without doing the same for ourselves. Why? Because in my experience of life, we are all one. I AM you, and you are me.

It is only when we “think” we are separate that we neglect ourselves and the world around us. The current state of our world reflects “separation thinking”, and hence neglect of both self and what we think of as “other”, whether that’s a human, bear, crocodile, tree, rock, or the air, planet, stars, water or anything else in existence. I also believe that we CAN heal, CAN embrace love. Thank you dear kind Adnrea for being here and in my life. Hugs, Robin


Robb Says:

23 November 2010 at 1:22 pm.

Kia ora Robin,
You always seem to appear with words I need. I always struggle this time of year with melancholy, thoughts of far ways home, and I tend to drift off into my own world leaving my wife and boys befuddled. I am learning slowly to shed my past hurts and doubts, and firstly love myself – something I have always struggled with. Learning I am not, or ever, truly alone, has been a great gift, and one you and your commenters have helped me greatly with.
I have blamed, I have raged, sometimes I still do. I am a work in progress. Discovering my mountains was the first step to my own inner peace, through the mountains finding people and places such as this makes me slow down, reach out, and carry what and who I am in the wild out to here. Sometimes it is hard, but having you here makes it make sense Wild Sister. Kia kaha.
Just a footnote, the other evening I was sitting with Tara and a few friends and somehow the conversation came around to cane toads and how nothing can eat them. I said I beg to differ and got your book walked out to them and the book flipped open to the exact page you write about the cane toads. I could only smile. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your readers. Rave on!


Robin Easton Reply:

Kia ora Wild Brother, What a deeply poignant and moving comment. I am always touched by your sincere heart. You are exceptionally genuine in your expressions. I look forward to the day I can sit on a mountain and share our life stories. Or even just sit and “be”.

When I lived in Australia for years, there were certain times of year where I was inexplicably drawn back to my own country, my childhood in Maine, my parents. During these times I felt a mix of melancholy, pain, intense longing to be ‘back there, and ‘relief I wasn’t there anymore, and sadness to know that I was no longer the same and could never go back no matter how I felt about all of it, and yet glad that I had changed and would never be the same again. Oh, such a rich tapestry of emotions and insights. I know you understand. These melancholy times always passed, but during them I often spent even more time alone in the forest. Over the years they seem to have gotten less in me. We are all imprinted with so many things growing up and they run deeper than we often realize.

Like you, it has been the wild that set me free, and continues to set me free. Oddly, although the wild made me more wild, untamed, ripped apart my domestication, it is the most soothing, calming and reassuring thing I’ve know in life. It allows us to be wild, yet it tames the ravages of societal living, which can take such a harsh toll on us. the wild restores the often fragmented soul to wholeness and ignites the spirit to great vitality and passion. It is the wild places that heal and sooth, and bring us peace. The wild lets us be all things without judgment, and understands even our rage.

Yes, “sometimes it is hard” for me too Robb. We all are works in progress. But like you, each year I learn more how to carry the wild heart with me everywhere I go. It’s who we are; isn’t dear one. And yes, having you and your clear, honest, blunt, beautiful and sometimes bravely raging voice in my life helps me make sense of so many things, and often keeps me more sane, like Nature itself.

RE: the Cane Toad — Isn’t nature astounding. We humans can be incredibly arrogant and ignorant when we think other species are lacking intelligence. That whole mindset speaks only of our own lack of intelligence, insight and awareness. I love that certain birds (through observation) worked out how to kill and eat the deadly cane toad. Incredible!!

As you know from your own love affair with nature, it is brilliance beyond brilliance. It’s why we are SO engaged when we spend time in the wild. It is WHY we come to life. Our own inner intelligence (the part that is more often than not stifled in school/society) gets to come to life in the wild. It is matched there. It is why little “Snow Turtle” just GLEAMS with joy and anticipation. In nature we are SEEN!! How amazing. We are SEEN, even without one spoken word. Thank you my dear kindred brother. I am grateful beyond words. Aroha…always. Robin


Lance Says:

23 November 2010 at 2:45 pm.

Love heals. Mmmm….those two words just say so much, don’t they.

And, Robin, they exemplify what I see in you…LOVE in action. Touching, creating, being, healing.

Know that your love has touched me immensely…and that is love that heals.

With love and light,


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Lance, I am always so happy, safe, and loved around you. And I KNOW it is not just me that feels this around you. Everyone who comes into your circle feels it. I can honestly say that this beautiful buoyant gift in you has made such a difference in my life, more times that I can remember. It’s like you now are just part of the fabric of who I am. It wouldn’t matter how long I went without hearing from you or experiencing you, the moment I saw you it would like I had just seen you yesterday. I think that is not only because you are such a part of my life, but because I get to remain WIDE open around you, so the door is NEVER closed. Ever. I love you for that Lance. I just do. Robin


Nea | Self Improvement Saga Says:

23 November 2010 at 3:54 pm.

This is so very beautiful, Robin. At times in my life, I have felt entitled to bitterness and self pity; but I soon came to realize that such an approach to life would simply make me more miserable. Forgiveness is hard work. It is a willingness to accept without judgment all that is less than desirable about yourself, other people, and life in general. I chose to love because it was the only way to set myself free.

As always, your words inspire me and motivate me to continue becoming a better version of myself. You are the essence of love dear friend.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Nea, I can’t even tell you what this comment means to me, and what you have confirmed for me. I’m not sure I could find the right words to even convey the inner strength I felt from read this. However, I can say this, knowing some of your life story from your reading your blog, I am made deeply aware of how true, necessary and empowering forgiveness, compassion and love are. You blow me away. To read your comment here I am profoundly humbled. You are a ‘grace’ in the world and will go on to empower many others in the world. I stand and applaud your conscious choice to love, even in the face of past trauma that could easily be used to stay in a victim state of being, or a bitter, angry, resentful state of being. Yet, you choose to heal, let go, love, and so on. You are very right; it is not always easy, but the rewards of peace, freedom, and self empowerment are priceless and beyond measure. You are one of the bravest more amazing souls I’ve met. I love you and thank you from my deepest heart for sharing here, and more importantly for confirming so much for me and for being who you are CHOOSING to be. Huge warm hugs, Robin


Nancy Shields Says:

23 November 2010 at 5:38 pm.

Great post Robin (as usual); I want to share this statement: Past, Present, Future aren’t continuous unless you make it so. The future duplicates the past by memory….GOD is present (now)! To live in the NOW the moment. I have been hurt and I have easily forgiven only because I like to say if my Divine can forgive me every day, then why should I make myself higher than HIM and not forgive?
In gratitude,


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Nancy, what a LOVELY comment. YES!!! I really get this. Love the whole thing. “Past, present and future are NOT continuous.” Beautiful and so wise. I too feel this and love how you have worded it. It’s brilliant. and I so relate to feeling that the Divine forgives me, then who am I not to also forgive.When we don’t forgive, it is really ourselves that we bind up, isolate, punish, and are not allowing to be forgiven. Thank you SO much for sharing this shining beautiful wisdom. I am so grateful. Big hugs to you dear soul. Robin


Jonathan - Advanced Life Skills Says:

23 November 2010 at 11:19 pm.

When I was about 18 I met an older guy whose parents had died and he was really sad because he had never really told them how much he appreciated them and loved them. Now they were gone and he was wishing he had taken the opportunity while they were still alive. I decided that was not going to be me. From then on I have made it a point to express love and appreciation without hesitation or delay. My parents have been gone for several years, but I am secure in the fact that they knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that I truly loved them and appreciated all that they had done for me. My advice, always express those loving feelings freely because you may not get the chance later.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Jonathan, this is such WISE advice, advice when lived is SO healing, kind, gentling, and freeing to everyone involved, especially the person reaching out to express sentiments of love and forgiveness. Even if the love/sentiments are not returned, at least we know we have done all we could. That alone gives us wonderful peace because we do not go to our grave with regrets. I am always fascinated by the amount of wisdom you garnered from life and at such a young age. Boggles the mind. But then our paths our quite similar is many ways, so I also understand some of the reasons why you are the way you are. Thank you for posting this and encouraging others to let go and love. Huge hugs dear friend. Robin


Hilary Says:

24 November 2010 at 10:40 am.

Hi Robin .. such a deep post – as I’m learning so true .. the whole of the world is interconnected all the time and the world stretches out into the Universe .. we are all here, souls too –

I love what you say about ‘healing not having to die’ .. the world heals itself .. constantly repairing and rebuilding .. we can too – as you say people don’t allow themselves the time to realise we all have that period of growth .. all parts of this world are like that .. babies/seeds/ kid/sapling/ adult/small tree .. etc etc .. the same with a rock or a grain of sand ..

Love is the most important thing .. love is

Happy Thanksgiving .. with thoughts Hilary


Robin Easton Reply:

Wow!! Dearest Hilary, you forever amaze me with your depth of insight and your ability to love. You are the epitome of love. You live it everyday, and not just in your words, but in your actions. And I know it is not always easy, yet you constantly choose love. It has made you not only forgiving, but incredibly rich in your wisdom and insights. You really do LIVE your love. I see it all the time in you.

This whole comment reflects a deeply lived life and a deeply wise soul. And THIS line is absolute poetry (I just LOVE it!!!): “…we all have that period of growth .. all parts of this world are like that .. babies/seeds/ kid/sapling/ adult/small tree .. etc etc .. the same with a rock or a grain of sand ..” That is just wise, beautiful and encompasses a much larger reality than we are usually taught. I thank you from my heart for sharing it. Sending you and your mom buckets of warm love. Robin (Thank you for being YOU.)


Joy Says:

24 November 2010 at 11:58 am.

Hi Robin,
Just today I wrote in a letter to a friend that my biggest fear is not death..but rather an absence of *love* me a senseless void that some allow their hearts to experience by resisting the moment rather than embracing it. I think how different my life would be had I allowed my heart to close to that around me..
And here you are so transparent, embracing love and and the same..for when we pour genuine love on a wound it not only heals, it shines..transformed to one more beauty filled facet allowing us to sparkle magnificently:)
You are *love* personified, Robin..thank you for all that you share!


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Joy, I could just take all you shared here and write it back to you because you ARE love, dear sister. You live it everywhere you go. I see it all over, like a trail of scented, colorful petals dropped everywhere you ‘walk’. I see how you REALLY love without keeping score. You are a master at this. THAT is priceless in today’s world. And THAT is real love. You have not only learned to forgive, but you have learned so well that love must be given freely. Because of this, you light up the world with megatons of light.

When I lived in the rainforest, one of the early realizations I had was what you say here: It wasn’t death I feared, but rather the absence of love. Once I plugged into Mother Earth, the Infinite Stars, all of Existence and KNEW without doubt that I WAS loved, that I was love itself, my fear began to melt away. My connection to the Great Existence was crucial for my continued survival and even thriving. I now know we can plug in anywhere, but it is always easier when I am in the more wild places. I also now know that Nature, the Great Existence IS Love. You are seen and deeply loved. Robin


Christopher Foster Says:

24 November 2010 at 3:39 pm.

I love your courage Robin. Thankyou so much for opening up this area that is such a closed door for too many.

My father died a few days before the dawn of the year 2000. He had hoped he’d see the start of the new millenium but it didn’t quite happen. He did pretty well though in human terms. He lived until he was 95 and he was sharp as a tack until he died. He liked to say you could put his medical history on the back of a postage stamp.

I didn’t get on with my Dad. And he couldn’t understand me. I wasn’t interested in a steady career as a reporter like him, I wanted this weird strange thing called Truth.

But here’s what I wanted to share. In the last year or so particularly — as I stretch my limits a bit in this wild and wooly world of blogging — I’ve come to experience my Dad’s presence as an abiding presence. He is just there, offering his encouragement and support.

So — healing without even trying. Suddenly, there’s Dad (not in the flesh, of course). Who we truly are at the core of our being is indeed Love, just as you say. Timeless Love.

Love you Robin.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Christopher, This is SUCH a magnificent sharing. I am just so moved that I have tears in my eyes. First off, your dad lived a long life and went without suffering. That is wonderful! Second, I am so glad you listened to your own sensitive heart and sought out a path of truth. It certainly is who you are and something you express and live beautifully. It a gift to the world.

The part I REALLY love here and resonate with is, out of the blue there is your dad with you (even though you weren’t close growing up). Isn’t that AMAZING. That is exactly what happened to me. Before I went into the rainforest, I wasn’t close to either of my parents, but then their I am in the wild, and I feel Dad all around me, encouraging me, loving me, crying with me, comforting me. So I began to talk with him and both of us healed. The same happened with my Mom, which I write more about in my second book, the one I’m working on now.

Yes, “who we truly are at core of our being is indeed Love…” Thank you for leaving this comment Chris; it’s such a gift for me, for so many reasons. Love you too and am grateful for your presence in my life. Robin


Evita Says:

26 November 2010 at 10:43 am.

Hi Robin

As always your words penetrate right deep within my heart and soul.

Gosh, what a powerful message. Yes, I so believe we live on way past this life, and yes I too believe that we have all those loved ones and not so loved ones that passed on before us, to still work with them, to heal with them, to love with them. It may be on a different level, but it does not make it any less real.

And yes Robin, the world, this Earth, the human collective consciousness I believe very much wants to heal itself, and we can choose to be a part of that healing, to make love the main frequency in every moment and through every relationship.

Thank you dear friend, for expanding my heart yet again with your love and light!


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Evita, Aaah, you are such an angel. You are so open that you see right to the core of what is essential or fundamental in us all. Lately as I rise early to watch the sunrise, I have been talking with my dad, because I have felt him with me, a lot lately. As I re-evaluate my life, what I want, my true path, and where I am headed, what I need to live my most true self, I have asked for his help. I feel him strongly with me, comforting, reassuring, and encouraging me.

Ever since understanding these connections (while in the rainforest), I found that he appears out of now where right when I need him, right when I am seeking my most true self. So, once again, I’ve been making these ‘conversations’ more conscious, active and letting the reality of them in more than ever before.

Something I’ve learned in the past is that it’s not that these souls don’t hear us, it’s that we forget to ask for their help and guidance. Now, I make ‘asking and giving thanks’ part of my daily quiet time. SO SO powerful!!! Thank you for being you and being in my life. I am so blessed. All love, Robin.


nothingprofound Says:

27 November 2010 at 8:38 am.

You wake up one morning and realize you are responsible for your life. The past is an old movie you keep playing in your head. You shut it off, it doesn’t concern you anymore. You are happy, and you are free.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Profound ;) Aaah you are such soothing wisdom. I love your comments. Even the way you express this is so “natural” as if doing this is the most natural thing in the world…and it IS!!! That is why I love it. It really is that simple. No two ways about it. Once we embrace that we ARE Life itself, and hence responsible for whatever we want to create, we are set free. Thank you dear Mary. Huge hugs and love, Robin —PS you are fresh mountain air! :)


Heather Says:

27 November 2010 at 8:54 am.


Can I suggest that you list your archives somewhere on a page. I see the “Have you Become Your Dream” post on blogcatalog but cannot find it unless I sift through you dated archives.

Great site.



Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Heather, You are a TREASURE!! You revolutionized my tech skills. Because of you I did get my archives up there, and I also am installing some other plug-ins, like “related posts”!! So I thank you so much for inspiring me and pushing me beyond my known techie limits. LOL!!! :) Hugs, Robin


Chris Edgar Says:

27 November 2010 at 11:15 am.

Hi Robin — I think that’s a great observation — that our parents as they are today are often very different from the image of our parents in our minds, and it’s their image we’re really relating to most of the time, particularly if they’re no longer alive or we aren’t around them very often. And the image, or maybe our “inner parents,” can always be worked with and seen differently, no matter what the reality is.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Chris, Wow! What a comment! I love how you say in 4 lines what took me a whole post. LOL! :) This is a keeper, especially the way you say:

“…particularly if they’re no longer alive or we aren’t around them very often. …our “inner parents,” can always be worked with and seen differently, no matter what the reality is.”

That is so powerful. Love the way you said, “our inner parents”. Yes, that is exactly it. And you are also right about “relating to the “image” in our mind”. I find it interesting how tightly some of us want to maintain a certain image of our parents, even make sure it never changes and we even build upon it to strengthen that image. Often their is little or no latitude for growth. But I think if we allow ourselves to grow, all of our images will grow with us, our perceptions change, our stories grow. We heal.

SO good to see you here! I always cherish you wisdom, straight from the gut. Hugs to you my dear friend, Robin


Gemma Says:

29 November 2010 at 8:22 pm.

Beautiful words. And you are so right. The ability to love is precious. What gives meaning to life is very much your feelings towards others and life in general. When you have forgiveness and love inside you, you are at peace. And even though everything is not perfect, you have the strength to overcome and heal from anything and everything.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dear Gemma, Wonderful to have you hear. I am honored. And you words reflect a heart focused on love and healing. They are simply soothing to read. And I think you say a very important thing here when you say:

“…even though everything is not perfect, you have the strength to overcome and heal from anything and everything.”

I too have found this to my life experience as well. Things don’t have to be perfect to heal, forgive and love. If we wait for perfection we may never love, whether that is those living or dead. We might also never learn how to love actively. Often adversity and pain are in our lives so that we might learn to forgive and love. Thank you dear Gemma. Hugs, Robin


~ b ~ Reply:

Like vulnerability, perfection too can be redefined or undefined to express that All is Always Perfect as Is, as the Universe Unfolds and begins to expand exponentially and freely. Everything is therefore Staged along a process beneficial to Being and Re- Membering.

Therefore, All limiting concepts can be redefined to be All inclusive so that all thoughts and ideas have their place and say in an interconnected paradigm.


Robin Easton Reply:

Yes! Don’t you just love that?!!! Wonderful.


~ Bern ~ Says:

1 December 2010 at 12:28 pm.

I see now that our DNA holds the ingrained patterns and mental constructs and labels or attachments of our ancestors. In the past, this has been described as the sins of our ancestors going back to the supposed original sin which started the spiral away from Being by using Knowledge in a concrete way that keeps us from flowing and expanding towards Infinity.

Therefore, every time we create a definitive statement or a habitual routine, it is then encoded in our DNA which then can be passed down to future generations. At the same time, we can de-code and dissolve such constructs and blocks in our genes by forgiving and processing the stagnated energy in our energy system. This then becomes the path back to unconditional love where no conditions or expectations are projected into the outer world and the greater environment.

We have the power to become anything when we embrace the idea that we have no limits. The limitations are just programs and subroutines that have been handed down since the decline of Utopia and our true sense of Civilization. Our relatives applaud us and work with to undo that which we believe to be done.


Robin Easton Reply:

Dearest Bernie, It is SO good to see you here. If we can realize that we are not separate from everything that exists, we then know that we are IT. We are all that IS. Everything is us and we are everything, and so on. Then we begin to realize that we are simply energy (and as you say, we have no limits). Then we can look out and decided how we want to shape the energy. Even situations that may have been painful or horrific for us can be shaped to reveal light.

This reality (of being IT) can be very daunting for some because it offers unlimited freedom. We often want there to be “something”, something watching over us, something deciding for us, something that will punish us and keep us in line when we step out of line, something that will tell us what is right and wrong, how we should live. To grasp that we are IT is totally empowering, yet for some it is totally alarming, disorienting, and can feel as if the solid world suddenly vanished.

Yes: “…we can de-code and dissolve such constructs and blocks in our genes… (energy). This then becomes the path back to unconditional love where no conditions or expectations are projected into the outer world…” Yes, and it really is quite humorous when you think about expectations, because it’s like trying to (after the fact) expect something that never existed in the first place. And won’t exist unless we create it.

So heart warming to see you here. Think of you often with much love, Robin


How to Tap into the Universal Stream of Love | Experience Life Fully Says:

24 December 2010 at 12:17 am.

[...]  Robin at Naked in Eden for pure, healing love. [...]

Steve! Says:

4 May 2011 at 10:21 pm.

Rob-O! Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
I’m going to revisit this–the comments too.

I love this!!! “Life wants to heal itself”! I bet NOONE told you that! I bet that just came forward–you ALLOWED it forward! I haven’t even ventured to listen for a message like that in my life. I was stuck in the paradigm that if healing were to happen–or forgiveness–I had to find it here…in this realm…with the people that were directly involved in the scene–to re-participate in something so foreign to all of us….but now I’m getting that it’s just life expansion. It always is. So healing. So love. So forgiveness. So light. All I gotta move within it. Get on the bus man! RIDE!! Not try to MAKE the bus! Just ride it! !

Soon as I read that–it laserbeamed RIGHT through me. That’s how I know it’s a truth for me. It ZINGS through my chest. So–I may not know HOW–but I’ll intend it forward too! Man! Wow again and again!

I’m aware–in my own walkabout with my biological family–that I had erected some perfected or at least–”different” image that these parents had to stand inside of–in order for me to say “It’s good. This life….this upbringing. This place I landed in (and some say–chose)”. All of us have a story. But mine—part of the final punctuation with one of my parents who transitioned–drastically shifted when I realized the obvious: there’s no perfect parent…and mine certainly ain’t it anyways! So? They’re not changing. But the BIG part for me –was realizing–neither was *I*! I was still waiting–insisting–believing —in a silent, deadlock with all that is—that they would INDEED change–that they MUST change–they HAVE to be different. And then–and only then–would I be different. Would change visit me. Would healing, relief, bliss, love. Yeah? And uh—we know the story. So what? Now what? What did I want to create? How did I want to move forward? Being stuck like that…sucked…for me. They were fine. I was completely embroiled in the twist of it all. And it was ALL –MY –Twist! At some point–I moved through forgiveness in ways noone taught me either..and I HAVE to say–the way that transpired–was pure grace. I had NO idea how it would happen–or if–or when–or for how long… but I, too, must have wanted to heal me. It’s my job anyways. And heal I did.

Alex kinda said it the way I see it. But a message that was given to me recently was: “That boy…in that room…isn’t waiting for them to rescue him, or to heal him, or to love him. He’s waiting for you. Only you.”

Rob-O? You rock. You’re a laserbeam of light that seems to slice through the shadowy stuff–with an unparalleled clarity. It’s no surprise to me you’re here now, in this time, on the planet. I don’t think you’re FROM this planet (LOL)–but I’m glad yer here anyways. Bless! Bliss! Light! Burn…ever so bright!


Marghanita Hughes Says:

5 May 2011 at 10:00 am.

A beautiful post Robin.
Love is mysterious and magical.
I have only just begun a new spiritual journey but from the minute I found myself, my inner light, the love I felt inside was like no other. It glows, it is pure and I want to share it with every living thing.
My heart was broken not that long ago by a beautiful friend I care about very deeply but I was able to let go and love this person because of the beauty I now hold inside. My broken heart, my pain became love and now I love this person even more, pure, true, unconditional love and I know one day our spirits will dance in another life.

I am really just beginning to understand myself and the whole meaning of life, it is an incredible journey full of mystery and I am so eager to learn and want to share my love and appreciation for this miracle we call life.

All we really need in life is…………………………. love. Love makes the world a beautiful place.
Love Marghanita x


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